Why outsource your IT?

There are a number of reasons why businesses of all sizes today are choosing Managed IT services, and outsourcing the IT function entirely, rather than retaining it in-house. Outsourced IT has become so widespread that current predictions anticipate growth in the neighborhood of $200 billion by the year 2020. Some of the factors contributing to the stunning growth and popularity of managed IT services are the following:

  • the efficiency and reliability of IT operations are greatly improved
  • security and compliance is made easier and more uniform
  • maintenance and upgrades are done proactively by the provider
  • the Managed IT approach is cost-effective, and allows for predictable management costs
  • in-house IT staff members are freed up to work on business-critical projects
  • companies have quicker and broader access to emerging technologies
  • it is not necessary to have in-house IT expertise
  • it allows for the shifting of capital expenses over to operating expenses

Any one of the above reasons might be sufficient to justify moving your company to Managed IT services, but taken altogether, they present a very compelling rationale for seeking out a well-qualified company to outsource IT functions.