Terms of Service

Purchase Order Cancellation Policy

Conditions of Purchase Order Cancellation
You can cancel your purchase order only when the product has not yet been delivered.
The operating cost for purchase order cancellation is 750 baht.
The company will refund after deducting the operating cost by transferring money to the buyer’s account name only.

Notification of Purchase Order Cancellation
If you want to cancel your purchase order, please call 02-509-9905 or email to billing@vpls.net.

Return Policy

For your highest satisfaction, please carefully check your product after you receive it. If the product defect is caused by the company, you can return or change it by doing the following.

Please contact the company for returning the product within 2 days after receiving it.
Return the product to the company, using verifiable channel such as EMS. The company will pay for the delivery fee. (The delivery fee and the product cost will be refunded at the same time.)
The product returned must be in the same condition as it is received. The user manual and all the equipment must be returned.
After receiving and inspecting the product defect, the company will refund or change the product as agreed. Please email to billing@vpls.net.

Conditions of Refund/Product Change
The defective product will be replaced with the same product model only. If the company does not have the same product model, the company will refund or offer a similar product.
The company will refund the delivery fee and the product cost by transferring money to the buyer’s account name only.

Product Delivery Policy

Conditions of Product Delivery
The company will deliver the product only after a payment is made.
The company will deliver the product once a day, except official and public holidays. If the payment is confirmed before 12:00 hours, the product will be delivered on the same day. The company reserves the right to deliver the product on the following business day.
After the product is properly delivered, the staff will confirm the delivery and the tracking number via email.

Channels of Product Delivery
EMS Provided by Thailand Post Public Company Limited. For Bangkok, the product will be received on the following day. For other provinces, you will receive the product within 2 days. Please contact the post office at the destination. EMS fees are shown on the following table.
[Pricing Table]
Registered Mail
[Pricing Table]
Messenger for Bangkok Only. You will receive the product within 48 hours. The delivery fees are charged in accordance with districts and locations.

Conditions of Product Delivery Responsibility
The company reserves the right to delay in product delivery. However, the delay should not exceed 3 business days. The customer will be notified of the delay.
After the product is delivered, Thailand Post Public Company Limited will take responsibility for any damages.
If the product damage is caused from EMS, Thailand Post Public Company Limited will compensate for the damage for not over 2,000 baht. The company will return the money to the customer after it receives the compensation from Thailand Post Public Company Limited.
In case the product is returned to the company as the address given by the customer is inaccurate, the customer shall pay for redelivery.

Product Warranty Policy

The products purchased from the website (www.vpls.co.th) will be warranted for normal wear and tear for a period of 1 year.  In case of product damages, please contact the company for repair or replacement by following the procedures below.

After the company receives the damaged product and realizes that the damage is caused from normal wear and tear, the company will proceed with the following procedures.

Deliver the product to the manufacturer for repair.
In case the product cannot be repaired, the damaged product will be replaced with the new product of the same model.
If the product is no longer manufactured, the company will offer other products with similar or better quality. You will be notified in advance of all product changes.

The product is not under the warranty terms and conditions if…

  1. the warranty period is expired.
  2. it does not have the company void.
  3. the company void is torn.
  4. it is not in good condition, or it is broken, and the screen is blemished.
  5. it is modified or altered.

Safety Policy

The website (www.vpls.co.th) focuses on providing customers who purchase products from the company with security. As a result, the company has set up the guidelines for website security as follows.

  1. The company complies with laws in dealing with computer hardware and software and outsourcing contract.
  2. The company has set up a clear right of accessibility to the data on the website for its staff.
  3. The company uses the virus protection software and always updates it on a weekly basis, using Forticlient.
  4. The company always scans virus in its computer system and data storing equipment.
  5. The company reserves important data and software on a regular basis.
  6. The company uses the Firewall system for network security, using Palo Alto Firewall, Juniper ssg 20.
  7. The company has established a policy for accessing to buying and selling transaction data and protection measures, such as encoding, decoding, self-identification and electronic signature via https://my.vpls.co.th.
  8. The company has a policy to store and monitor consumer data for safety, using internationally accredited encoding technology of Ubersmith, a consumer support software.
  9. The company updates the security and self-identification technology on a regular basis.
  10. Should you have any queries regarding the security policy of the company website, please contact our staff specially assigned to take care of the system by emailing to se@vpls.net or call 02-509-9905.

Privacy Policy

The website (www.vpls.co.th) is pleased to inform you about the policy of the company website in securing customers or visitors’ data as follows:

Customer Communication
We (www.vpls.co.th) will contact you via email or by phone only. The first communication will be made via email. The subject of the email will tell you about the objective of each communication.

Should you need to contact us regarding products or others, click “Contact Us” or email to or call us. The contact information is available on all pages of the website. We will get back to you within 10 minutes.

Visiting the Website www.vpls.co.th
You can visit our website at www.vpls.co.th to know more about the company products and services. You do not need to give us your personal information. Should you need any information from the company, you can register by giving the information needed by the company. You can cancel the information by emailing to www.vpls.co.th.

The company website has been being developed. The company may use software to collect searching behavior data of visitors. These data will be used for developing the website, so that it can better reach the target group. The data collected include 1) day and time of visiting 2) webpage searching 3) visiting time 4) searching type 5) internet provider and 6) other website visits before and after visiting the company website.

We (www.vpls.co.th) may inspect members’ searching behaviors and service uses as part of our website security procedure. The company may use the “Cookie” system for accurate verification of the visitors. The “Cookie” system is the data sent from the website to the visitors’ computers. The “Cookie” will be installed by the company website to collect your following information.

  • IP Address
  • Type of Browser Used for Access
  • Visited Web Page
  • Access Time

Personal Data Collection and Storing
Data concerning the website (www.vpls.co.th) customers will be used for company operations, and the uses must be in compliance with laws only, including increase in service efficiency, product and service designing and better offers to customers. The customers’ data will not be used, collected or stored for other purposes other than those stipulated in the objectives.

However, if the company wishes to collect data for purposes other than those stipulated in the objectives, the company will ask for the information directly from you.

If you wish to give the following personal information during the application process;

  • Name-Surname
  • Address
  • Email Address, Telephone or Fax Numbers
  • Identification Number
  • Others (Please state)

and your other business activities or transactions to the website, the company will keep all of the data confidential, in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act.

The customers’ data kept by the company will be collected and stored for a period of time when the company and you are still in business contact. In addition, when you email to the company, the company will store the content of the email, email address and email correspondences in order to respond to your queries or to follow up with the result or to check the communications between customers and company staff to see whether your queries are responded.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We (www.vpls.co.th) will not forward or sell your personal information to other parties for unpermitted purposes. Moreover, the company will not disclose your personal information to other entities, unless 1. you request and authorize the company website to do so, or 2. the data forwarded are aimed to support your transaction, or 3. The data disclosure is allowed or required by law; for example, we (www.vpls.co.th) may be required by court order or court writ to disclose customers’ data. To do so, we (www.vpls.co.th) will always let you know in advance.

We (www.vpls.co.th) may enter into the agreement with the third party to develop and take care of the e-commerce system of the company and to allocate resources or provide services on behalf of the company. The third party that works for the company or on behalf of the company shall also agree to keep customers’ data confidential and act in compliance with applicable laws. Whenever we (www.vpls.co.th) hire other entities to support the services of the company, these entities shall also comply with the company confidentiality policy.

Security Procedures for Data Protection
We (www.vpls.co.th) will strictly maintain our security procedures to prevent damages or unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information.

Maintaining Accurate Data
We (www.vpls.co.th) have set up certain procedures to assure that your data are accurate, updated, completed and up to the business standard. Furthermore, the company has created procedures to handle incorrect data asked to be amended. You can correct the information by doing the following.

Customer can get access to the system with password. The account owner is the only person that can change or amend personal information in the system. To change or amend other data, customer can contact my.vpls.co.th by submitting e-ticket to the Finance Department. However, the person who can submit the e-ticket must be only the one whose name is on the registration list and allowed to use the system.

Data Verification
We (www.vpls.co.th) have data verification procedures for both technical programming and identification card verification.

Complaint Handling Policy

Protection Measures and Confidentiality Policy for Complainer
To protect the trustworthy complainer and informer’s right, we (www.vpls.co.th) will not disclose the name, address and information that link to the complainer or informer. Additionally, the complainer and informer’s data will be confidentially kept, allowing only the staff in charge to get access to such data.

By this reason, the staff assigned to handle the complaint shall store the data, complaints and documentary evidences and keep them confidential. The staff members are not allowed to disclose such information to unauthorized persons, unless such a disclosure is required by law.

Complaint Handling Procedures
We (www.vpls.co.th) will handle the complaint immediately and notify the department concerned of the complaint to proceed with proper solution.

We (www.vpls.co.th) will follow up with the complaint handling in due course. The department concerned shall notify the complainer of the solution as soon as possible with no charge.

Complaint Channels
The complainer must state the details of the complaint together with name, address and valid phone number and submit them to VPLS (Thailand) Company Limited via 2 channels;

Channel 1: Mail to VPLS (Thailand) Company Limited 22/14 Ratchada-Ramintra Road, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok 10230

Channel 2: Via http://www.vpls.co.th/contact

Dispute Resolution by External Mechanism
If the customer is not satisfied with the dispute resolution settled by the business operator, the customer can use external mechanism to settle the dispute by contacting…

VPLS (Thailand) Company Limited
22/14 Ratchada-Ramintra Road, Khan Na Yao District, Bangkok 10230
Tel: 02-509-9905
Fax: 02-509-9916