Web Programming

VPLS’ team of experienced web programmers specializes in building custom Web 2.0 Applications to migrate your legacy platforms to a browser friendly, fast loading, and cross browser functional application. Our team understands the important of utilizing Open Source Software to aid in the development process in order to drive costs down. We utilize LAMP Stack environments of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP as the primary foundation of all development.

VPLS can help you create

Web 2.0 Applications

Content Management System

E-Commerce Solutions

Open Source Development

VPLS’ 5 step approach to Web Site Design

VPLS can help your company achieve unprecedented efficiencies in workflow management by coupling VPLS CloudMail hosted email solutions with VPLS custom Web Development. Simple tasks such as approving time off requests or expense reports can be done inside your browser without the need to open and launch another application window. Other more advanced integrations with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com are also possible so that employees do not have to flip flop between windows, copying and pasting data. This reduces human error and increases efficiency. If each employee were able to save 30 minutes a day that translates to 7800 minutes or 130 hours of free work you gained.

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