VPLS CloudMail

Email is a critical piece of your corporate’s infrastructure as many people rely on it as the primary method of communication. With VPLS’ robust CloudMail hosted email service you can save a lot of IT headaches and focus on other aspects that demand more of your time. Get your company up and running within minutes with VPLS CloudMail hosted email solution powered by Zimbra email technology. We offer different email hosting deployment models to best suit your requirements.

Increase employee productivity and collaboration with VPLS CloudMail which offers advantages for businesses where you can eliminate infrastructure costs for the servers and facility and reduce payroll expenses for experts to manage the system. The entire VPLS CloudMail infrastructure is managed globally by VPLS’ 24 x 7 Technical Assistance Centers (vTAC). Customers may choose to have CloudMail deployed in any of our data centers located around the world.

Key Benefits of VPLS CloudMail

  • Save over 40% in licensing fees over Microsoft Exchange hosting
  • Choose Private or Public deployments unlike Google Apps and Google Business Email
  • Rich, full featured experience with consistent view in any browser utilizing open standards
  • Simplified administration through web console
  • Integrated SPAM and Antivirus filtration system
  • Integrated Email message archiving on per domain or per user basis
  • Enable 3rd party web services and applications through Zimbra Email Zimlets or VPLS can custom develop applications for you to enhance your workflows

CloudMail Comes Fully Featured For All Use Cases

Unlike common email solutions, CloudMail email hosting can fit your companies workflow and continue to grow without the hassle of upgrades.

  • Email, contacts, calendar, and documents all in one application
  • Works on Windows, Mac or Linux desktop computers
  • It works both online and offline
  • Mobile ready with support of ActiveSync on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile
  • Read email from any POP or IMAP email account including AOL, Hotmail or business email
  • Consistent experience in any browser or use common email applications like Outlook or Thunderbird

Don’t Settle For Poor Schedule Planning

CloudMail offers a robust, fully feature equipped web calendar to ensure users can easily manage their busy schedules without the headache. Create and share multiple calendars to ease in simple tasks such as scheduling personnel or conference rooms.

  • Multiple calendar views: Day, Week, Work Week, Month, List and Schedule Views
  • Drag and drop events to quickly change dates and times
  • Invite attendees to events from the Global Address List
  • Auto-suggests event time based off attendees free time
  • Schedule meetings in various timezones with Meeting Planner

Get More Done By Simplifying Collaboration

Collaborating with a team can be difficult, but with CloudMail’s built in tools, users will be able to share information, files and scheduling events with ease.

  • One standardized sharing UI, integrated with your Global Address List
  • Upload multiple files or save email attachments with ease
  • Save documents by version for restoring or viewing changes over time
  • Create task list with due dates, priorities and reminders

Find What You Need Quickly & Without Hassle

We work with information overload on a day-to-day basis. CloudMail email hosting helps eliminate the time wasted searching for a month old email with it’s powerful built in search tools.

  • Search through emails, contacts, events, tasks and even uploaded documents
  • Save searchs as a folder for quick, easy and always up-to-date search results
  • Use CloudMails Visual Search tool to fine-tune your searching
  • Search for contacts to quickly see their photo, phone number, email and more

CloudMail Public Deployments

VPLS CloudMail Public email hosting service spans across all VPLS data centers in diverse geographic locations in order to give the end user a fast and stable experience. The Public platform also incorporates advanced redundancies for all server roles. VPLS also utilizes advanced DRBD configurations to ensure software high availability as well as VMware High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services on top of regularly scheduled backups. Don’t settle with running Zimbra mail on your own servers! We are the Zimbra email experts!

CloudMail Private Deployments

VPLS CloudMail for Private email hosting deployments are tailored for customers with a larger user base that may require custom scripting, widgets and a unique interface. CloudMail Private is supported in all locations with the option to add or expand certain server roles into various geographic regions. All CloudMail Private deployments are configured with the same redundancy and resiliency as CloudMail Public. If your organization demands a secure and private environment contact us today to learn more about VPLS CloudMail hosted email solution for Private deployments.

Included in all CloudMail Deployments

  • All CloudMail email servers are monitored internally and externally by our worldwide
    VPLS Technical Assistance Centers (vTAC)
  • Incremental daily and weekly full backups
  • 99.99% SLA backed uptime guarantee
  • Patched and secured when new releases are available
  • Engineered and Managed by professionally trained Zimbra Mail Experts and VMware Certified Professionals 24 x 7 x 365
  • Instant elastic scalability for on demand growth