Cloud Storage

As IT expands beyond the office and your organization transforms into a more mobile work force the need to keep data synchronized is even more critical. With Public Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive leading the way for consumers, the need to have an Enterprise ready solution is where VPLS Cloud Storage solutions can help. Like Dropbox, VPLS Cloud Storage offers the same ease of use file and folder synchronization but offers a secure Private Cloud environment dedicated to your organization and backed up utilizing VPLS backup and disaster recovery solutions.

VPLS Cloud Storage Features
File and folder synchronization and sharingBack up individual files or multiple folders quickly and easily. You can also share these files or folders publicly or privately to a single user or an entire group.
LDAP / Active Directory integrationAuthenticate users with LDAP or Active Directory for single sign on services. Also incorporate quota management based on Active Directory users or groups.
Quota management and controlRetain absolute control of your storage requirements by creating groups with various quotas to segregate and manage your end user’s storage requirements.
Desktop and mobile clientsDownload clients for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and even mobile applications for iOS and Android. The applications can be customized and branded for your organization as well.
Undelete accidentally deleted filesJust like your recycle or trash bin on your computer our Cloud Storage solution offers the ability to view "deleted" files and undelete them.
File versioning which options to restore previous copiesOur Cloud Storage keeps track of file versions automatically and when the account is running low on disk space older versions are removed automatically.
Open API AccessCreate your own plugins to enhance the features and functionality of your Cloud Storage environment or utilize the numerous plugins found online.
Extensive loggingIntegrate our Cloud Storage with syslog for extensive and deep monitoring of all activities. These can be sent to LogStash or Splunk for deep parsing for relevant information.
VPLS Cloud Storage Environment

Instant Scalability

Grow your storage volume within seconds with VPLS Cloud Storage solutions without the need to make changes to your end user configurations.

Routinely Backed Up

Rest assured that your Cloud Storage is backed up daily using the latest technologies and tested on a routine basis.

Private & Secure

All VPLS Cloud Storage environments are configured privately for organizations on dedicated virtual machines.

Managed by VPLS vTAC

Our engineers monitor your Cloud Storage environment and alert you when you’re running low on storage space.

High Availability

Protect your VPLS Cloud Storage environment with VMware powered High Availability and Fault Tolerance.

Built In Replication

All Cloud Storage environment backup files are automatically replicated to our remote data centers around the world.

Embrace the BYOD (bring your own device) revolution that will allow your employees to work comfortably and efficiently with the tools and resources they need to get the job done. Together with VPLS CloudMail and Cloud Storage solutions you can enhance collaboration while providing secure access to critical data anytime, anywhere.