BKK3 and BKK5 Data Center Specs

Building Information

BKK3 – Located in the city center of Bangkok

BKK5 – New purpose built data center opened in August 2014, 25km from Bangkok city center

DC Description

BKK3 – Internet Data Center is split into multiple suites for redundancy and isolation

BKK5 – Constructed 3.65 meters above Mean Sea Level and 1.2 meters above the main access road for reduced flood risk

UPS Systems

N+1 UPS per suite


Caterpillar two-megawatt diesel generators


24x7x365 professional security services and support staff
CCTV and Biometric security system

Emergency Protection

FM-200 / Novec 1230 fire detection and suppression systems


VPLS’s initial expansion into Southeast Asia started in Bangkok, Thailand, not only because we have local support staff and offices but we believe the future of technology in and around Southeast Asia will revolve around Thailand as the hub. VPLS selected Thailand’s premier data center and solutions provider CS Loxinfo due to their high quality facility in the heart of Bangkok located in the Cyberworld Towers. Our Bangkok data center has diverse connectivity to major Internet junctions in Thailand and is well connected to provide high speed, low latency domestic connectivity.

VPLS opened a secondary data center in Bangkok located just 1km from our Bangkok headquarters. Our new facility offers cross data center high availability services and geographic redundancy for customers that demand resiliency and high availability. Apart from failing over between the two Bangkok data centers, our
Singapore data center offers additional Backup and Disaster Recovery services to ensure business continuity.


A unique and intriguing aspect of the Bangkok data center is that all data center space is cut up into smaller suites allowing for redundancy and isolation in the event of an issue with a single suite. All power distribution units are fed by redundant battery powered UPS systems which connect to diesel generators and utility power that is fed on diverse paths dedicated to CS Loxinfo that is not shared with the rest of the building.


As with all of our facilities, security and protection is of the upmost importance to VPLS. Biometric scanners and 24×7 security and support staff monitor the facility and building. All equipment that enters and leaves the facility must be tagged with a serial barcode and checked in and out.