Meet The VPLS Staff

VPLS is made up of passionate employees, that thrive to give the best support possible.

Ted Mektrakarn

Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VPLS Inc., Mr. Mektrakarn brings over 15 years of experiences in technology development and management. As CEO, he is responsible for the company’s vision, strategic direction, and operational management. Mr. Mektrakarn carries significant multi-industry knowledge and experience, advancing high-growth technology startups and industry-leading Fortune 500 companies alike. He is known for his ability to take promising technologies and organizations to the next level.

His experience in the industry includes past positions with companies like Brocade Communications thru the acquisition of Foundry Networks, Vivendi Universals – and AT&T CERFnet. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the largest Internet exchange system, Coresite’s Any2 Network Exchange.

Tim Mektrakarn

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mektrakarn is the Founder of VPLS Inc., and serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. As COO he is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, operational management and technical product innovation. Mr. Mektrakarn also serves as the company’s Chief Solution Architect for the Cisco Unified Communications business division. Mr. Mektrakarn holds numerous Cisco certifications in the area of IP Telephony implementation, design, support and sales. He also holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona, and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.

Mr. Mektrakarn is also an avid cyclist and trains throughout the year in hopes of riding in a stage of the Tour de France.

Sunchai Mektrakarn

Chief Advisor

Mr. Mektrakarn serves as Chief Advisor to the VPLS group of companies with over 30 years of IT software applications development and management. Mr. Mektrakarn has held positions in executive management leading and overseeing all aspects of Information Technology for some of Thailand’s largest corporations in automotive and manufacturing industries. Mr. Mektrakarn has consulted for manufacturers implementing ERP solutions from IBM to Oracle. Mr. Mektrakarn received his degree in Management Information Science from the University of Southern California.

He is also a golf enthusiast and enjoys scheduling meetings at Thailand’s top golf courses.

Takahiro Masuda

VP of Engineering

Mr. Masuda joined VPLS, Inc. in March of 2006 as a NOC Technician and currently holds the position of Vice President of Engineering. His team is responsible for designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing systems and networks in order to provide increased availability, speed, performance, and agility for all VPLS web hosting product lines. Mr. Masuda has earned a B.S. in Mathematics, specialized in Applied and Computational Mathematics, and a minor in Information and Computer Science.

John Minnix

VP of Sales

John Minnix serves as Vice President of Sales for VPLS Inc. Mr. Minnix brings over 10 years of technology sales experience to all VPLS group brands and companies, including Account Executive positions at Nortel Networks, Foundry Networks and Brocade Communications. He is fluent in technologies including Ethernet switches, routers, voice solutions, security solutions, cloud computing and professional services. He holds a B.A. in History from Emory University and a Masters in Business Administration with a Marketing focus from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. He is also a Brocade Certified Network Engineer.